About us

About NHP Builder

NHP Builder was founded in 2021 since then, we have worked hard to become a benchmark in the custom residential construction industry. Throughout this period, we have accumulated extensive experience and earned the trust of many satisfied customers. Through our dedication, quality and commitment to excellence, we have established a solid reputation as one of the leading home builders in the region.

We have an experienced and qualified team, composed of architects, engineers and a high quality workforce. Our multidisciplinary team works in harmony to turn clients' visions and ideas into reality. We value excellence at every stage of the construction process, from the initial design to the final details of the construction. Each member of our team is highly professional, committed to the quality of our works.

We value quality and ensure that every step of the construction process is carefully controlled. We work with trusted suppliers and subcontractors, selected based on their track record of quality and experience. In addition, we carry out rigorous inspections during all phases of construction to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained.

We use high quality building materials in all our projects. We work with respected suppliers and select materials that offer durability, strength and aesthetics. From solid foundations to elegant finishes, we ensure that every detail of the home is built with superior materials to ensure customer satisfaction and longevity.

We consider energy efficiency a priority in our projects. We seek to integrate sustainable and energy-saving solutions into every home we build. This can include the use of high-quality insulation, efficient windows, efficient heating and cooling systems, as well as renewable energy options such as solar panels. Our goal is not only to create quality homes, but also to help our customers save energy and reduce their environmental footprint.

Our company is located in Central Florida, serving several areas of the state and neighboring states. We are familiar with local regulations and requirements, which allows us to efficiently handle the bureaucratic processes and obtain the necessary permits to build in different Florida counties.

Our Vision

We specialize in designing and building high-quality homes that combine style, comfort and durability. With a talented team of construction professionals, we are committed to creating custom homes that meet each client's unique needs and desires. With attention to detail, excellence in construction and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to be the top choice for those who desire a dream home in Florida.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide residential construction solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers, delivering homes of exceptional quality, with innovative design and personalized service. We seek to create spaces that reflect the lifestyle of our customers, providing comfort, functionality and beauty in every detail. We believe in transparency, honesty and a commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work.

Our Strengths

As a leading house construction company, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver superior quality homes through meticulous attention to detail, experienced craftsmanship, and efficient project management. Our team consists of skilled professionals who are passionate about their work and dedicated to ensuring client satisfaction.